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About Chiyoda City Tourism Association

Chiyoda City Tourism Association
The Chiyoda City Tourism Association promotes tourism utilizing Chiyoda's nature, landscape, culture, history, industries and technology in Chiyoda, as well as in the surrounding areas. It aims to convey the charm of Chiyoda by promoting exchanges between locals and foreigners, therefore contributing to the preservation of regional culture and the development of the regional economy.
  • Local cooperation and community support projects
  • Creation of new tourism business and research studies
  • Tourism events
  • Dissemination of tourist information
  • Tourism human resource development
  • Promotion of tourism association
Business plan, report

You can see business plan, report of Chiyoda City Tourism Association from this.
●2020 business plan
●2019 business report

Chiyoda City Tourism Association articles of association

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Chiyoda City Tourism Association articles of association

About the Office
Location 〒102-0074 1-6-17, Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-3556-0391
FAX 03-3556-0392
Email info@kanko-chiyoda.jp
List of officers
Post Title Full name
Chairperson Association of Japan bicycle spread's chairperson Katsumi Ishiguro
Honorary chairperson Mayor Chiyoda Masami Ishikawa
Vice-chairperson The Chiyoda-ku vice-head of a ward Masanori Yamaguchi
Chiyoda-ku mall alliance society's chairperson 髙san*
Association of Chiyoda-ku commerce and industry society's chairperson Hisayoshi Yamamoto
Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chiyoda Branch's chairperson Tochigi one husband
Executive managing director
Secretary general
Chiyoda City Tourism Association Hiroyuki Matsumoto
Inspector Nakajima accounting firm certified public accountant, licensed tax accountant Toshiyasu Nakajima
Chiyoda-ku accounts manager Shogo Hoshina
Director Hotel New Otani general affairs's section manager Yoshiyuki Hasegawa
Planning Office working under Hill-Top Hotel's general manager Yasuhiro Minematsu
The best section manager in the JTB Tokyo center Branch sales Hiroki Tsutsui
Japanese flag car encouragement of new industry's vice-president Tetsushi Tomita
Association of Kanda dishes restaurant business association society's vice-chairperson 髙kyosoichiro
kojichoryoinkumigorengokaifukukaicho Isamu Kogo
Association of Chiyoda-ku Japan and China friendship's chairperson Keizo Tanabe
The Shogakukan Inc. culture business station Edo culture history official approval general manager Mihoko Shono
Sanseido Co., Ltd. Bookstore's general manager of Office of the President Takeshi Nakajima
Incorporated administrative agency Japan art culture promotion society (national theater) general affairs's manager of Planning Yuji Shirota
The educational foundation Meiji University arts and sciences, social cooperation manager Masato Kawaguchi
The Tokyo International Forum board member (public information, business promotion charge) manager of Public Relations Department kakawaki
The religious corporation Yasukuni Shrine right chief priest Nobumasa Murata
The religious corporation Hie-jinja Shrine right chief priest Masayuki Otsuka
Religious corporation Kanda Shinto shrine chief priest seisuisagahiko
Otemachi, Marunouchi, Yurakucho district town development meeting secretary general Atsuhiko Kaneshiro
Maple shop's representative director Kiyonori Taguma
Akihabara town management's manager of General Affairs Department Hideto Suzuki
Kojimachi branch office district alliance town assembly's chairperson Yoshibumi Yokoyama
Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chiyoda Branch's vice-chairperson Yoko Otsu
Hotel Tokyo UHM advisor of garden Aya Kinoshita
Idemitsu Museum of Arts General Administration Division Chizuko Fukuoka
Kanda curry street activation Committee public information public relations director Funaki straight child
Chiyoda Riverside project secretary general Kunio Okada
Secretariat's deputy manager Chiyoda City Tourism Association Mari Yamazaki