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Imperial Palace, Tokyo Sta., Hibiya

Imperial Palace, Tokyo Sta., Hibiya

The center, quietness and vigor of Tokyo The heart of Tokyo, quiet and lively.

Area that is full of green to be located on the east side of Imperial Palace. East Gardens of the Imperial Palace, Kokyo Gaien National Garden which are opened to the public are quiet and can taste calm atmosphere. Station building is loved with dignified dignified figure among the Tokyo Sta.-maru that red brick is impressive from the beginning of foundation by many people. Enjoy opening-like trip on 2-story open bus.

Kojimachi, Hanzo-mon, Nagatacho

Kojimachi, Hanzo-mon, Nagatacho

Let's circulate through politics and history Let's go over politics and history.

Town, Nagatacho of politics with many administrative district and embassies too. Scenery that big building is dignified, and one one compares with is the best part.
In this area that was old daimyo's mansion town in the Edo era, history is full of the highlight deeply, too. Including Toson Shimazaki, former house traces of famous writers stand in a row.
We will go for walk to conflict with feature of Edo while visiting ruins of mansion.

Akihabara, Kanda

Akihabara, Kanda

One of the world's best deep towns One of the world's deepest cities.

Advanced Akihabara of Cool Japan. In the art spots again various as the nation's largest electronics quarter not only as animation, sacred place of comics. It is full under the guard of Kanda Station incidentally while feeling the best in symbol of Edo, Kanda Myojin. Taste Edoite feeling.

Jinbocho, Ochanomizu

Jinbocho, Ochanomizu

Retro town where hobby deepens Deepen your hobby in a retro town.

Noble school district from the Edo era is right the town of hobby. Just what variety including secondhand bookstore street and curry shop street of the world's largest scale is richer in musical instruments store of vintage sports outfitter street with snowboarding ski outfitter proud of the best assortment of goods in Japan continues.

Iidabashi, Kudan, Ichigaya, Kitanomaru

Iidabashi, Kudan, Ichigaya, Kitanomaru

Very large nature and scenery which feature of Edo-jo Castle remains Edojōno omokage ga nokoru hiroi shizen to keikan.

Spring pastime that gives poetic charm that famous spot for its cherry blossoms "Chidori-ga-fuchi green walk" which 1 million a year or more visit from all over every world is one of the best in Japan.
Beautiful scenery of Tokyo is also felt in garden of Yasukuni Shrine relaxedly.
Figure of Tokyo that changes in Kitanomaru area lined with National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo or Nippon Budokan with history of Edo, and goes has a glimpse and soaks.