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We leave feature of former Edo-jo Castle, and there is Niju-bashi Bridge which is also called East Gardens of the Imperial Palace which we can feel seasonal nature, face of Imperial Palace, and there is Kitanomaru-koen Park dotted with turnout u Kokyogaien, culture, art facilities in tourists.

Image of mounting a horse of Nanko in front of statue of Masashige Kusunoki Kokyogaien. One of the bronze statues which are famous in the whole country.

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  • Image of mounting a horse of Prince chushin, Masashige Kusunoki. We modelled brave figure of occasion when Nanko had Daigo emperor on route of Hyogo after kaesakotoji from Okinoshima in 1333 (Shokei 2). "Nanko rest house" of Nanko image neighborhood becomes the restaurant & information desk.

 Statue of Masashige Kusunoki

It is this statue of Masashige Kusunoki in detail

Address 1-1, Kokyogaien

Castle gate which is famous for "Incident that outside Sakurada-mon Gate Naosuke Ii was assassinated out of Sakurada-mon Gate." Important cultural property.


It is called former Edo outside the castle Sakurada-mon Gate formally and is country-designated important cultural property. Square was one of the castle gates which were completely left and was initial point of Odawara Highway and was also called Oda Haraguchi. "Incident assassinated in bank of a moat where chief ministry Naosuke Ii was out of this gate in/1860 (Manen 1) in 1860 by Mito masterless samurais out of Sakurada-mon Gate" got up.

 Outside Sakurada-mon Gate

It is this in detail outside Sakurada-mon Gate

Address 1, Koukyogaien, Chiyoda-ku 

There are "stone bridge" of stone bridge this side and two bridges of "iron bridge" in the immediate depths.

  • Stone bridge
  • Elegant Ishibashi who is seen in the Imperial Palace front. We name "the front gate stone bridge" of this side and two bridges of "the front gate iron bridge" in the immediate depths generally and are also called Niju-bashi Bridge, but point to back bridge closely. In the case of formula events of the Imperial Court such as Imperial Palace visits of general congratulatory visit of the New Year and foreign guest of honor, it is usually used without being used.

 Stone bridge

It is this stone bridge in detail

Address Kokyogaien - Imperial Palace

Fountain park which is near Wada storehouse fountain park Wada storehouse moat. Fountain is lighted up at night.

  • Fountain park which is near Wada storehouse moat. It is made in 1961 (Showa 36), and there are waterfall and the murmuring and can enjoy scenery full of changes. Atmosphere that fountain is lighted up at night, and is fantastic. There is free rest station of terrace, too.
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 Wada storehouse fountain park

It is this in detail Wada storehouse fountain park

Address 3-1, Kokyogaien

The front gate of Ote-mon Gate former Edo-jo Castle. It becomes form called the square gate avoiding invasion of enemy.

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  • At the front gate of former Edo-jo Castle, daimyo did the up castle from here. It became form to be said to be the square gate and was prevented being square, and surrounding with stone wall when you passed through the Korai gate of the front and from going straight to, and there was arsenal called toromon on the right side.

 Ote-mon Gate

It is this in detail Ote-mon Gate

Address 1, Chiyoda, Chiyoda-ku 

Garden attached to Imperial Palace which maintained East Gardens of the Imperial Palace former Edo-jo Castle. Remains of an ancient structure such as castle tower or oar are left.

Tomi garden

It is garden attached to Imperial Palace which maintained main enclosure, the outworks of a castle, outermost outworks of former Edo-jo Castle. There are castle tower or oar reminding me of the Edo era and is area letting history feel in fact in Imperial Palace. It is got close as walk and rest station by having abundant nature while being in the downtown area. "East Gardens of the Imperial Palace lunchtime concert" is held 10 times a year and is popular because we can enjoy concert free while eating lunch.

 East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

It is this East Gardens of the Imperial Palace in detail

Address Chiyoda 1
TEL 03-3213-2050

It is famous spot of cherry tree in Shinrinkoen that was Kitanomaru-koen Park former Edo-jo Castle Kitanomaru. In culture, the art facility.


At place where there was Kitanomaru of former Edo-jo Castle, it is Shinrinkoen where green is rich in now. There are bright lawn open space and pond in Acer palmatum, zelkova, co-Japanese oak, the center of fallen leaves forest such as sawtooth oak. In garden, we install green adventure to enjoy the name of various trees in quiz form. In addition, it is dotted with Science Museum, National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, a lot of culture, art facilities including Nippon Budokan and is eminent cherry tree spot in ward.

 Kitanomaru-koen Park

It is this in detail Kitanomaru-koen Park

Address Kitanomaru-koen Park 1-1

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  • Statue of Masashige Kusunoki
  • Outside Sakurada-mon Gate
  • Stone bridge
  • Wada storehouse fountain park
  • Ote-mon Gate
  • East Gardens of the Imperial Palace
  • Kitanomaru-koen Park

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 [constant seller course] Natural rich park - that historic spot of Imperial Palace area - former Edo-jo Castle is left