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JCII photo salon plan exhibition

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INFORMATION basics information

Date From Wednesday, May 8, 2019 to Sunday, June 2
Closed days On Monday (opened on celebration, festival day)
Place JCII photo salon (Ichibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 25JCII the first floor of the building)

From getting off at Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line Hanzomon Station fourth doorway a 1-minute walk

      From getting off at Yurakucho Line Kojimachi Station third doorway an 8-minute walk

Metropolitan bus capital 03 Green Line Hanzo-mon stop drop off walk four minutes

Viewing charges Free of charge
Display score 46 points (nine points of "fables", "Rue reseeds" 37 points. All work monochrome"
Homepage http://www.jcii-cameramuseum.jp/

In JCII photo salon, we will start "Ryuichiro Suzuki exhibition fable /RyUlysses" (Rue reseeds) on forthcoming Wednesday, May 8, 2019 until Sunday, June 2.  

We become photographer of freelance after the graduation from university, and Ryuichiro Suzuki continues photographing on each Asian country and European and American trip and wins Ken Domon Prize by collection of photographs "Rue reseeds" Japan photograph association Prize by collection of photographs "Odyssey" the sun Prize in "Saint India line" in 2010 in 2008 in 1975 and is working on work production energetically now.  In this exhibition, you see work (all monochrome) which you chose than "fable" (than "Odyssey") which you photographed in Japan in the 1970s and "Rue reseeds" which you filmed in capital Dublin in Ireland in the 2000s.  

"Fable" is photographed using camera of 6*6cm format, and, as for Suzuki, it is said, "there is sense that dreams while looking in small finder of square, and reality space in positive instant is recorded when we develop film, and we were surprised by the always drop". Fascination to lie hidden in daily life including crow stopping to child who puts on big mask, and plays, signboard in dusk rises like poetry of one part.  

"Rue reseeds" are filmed at 24*65mm panorama size. We pursued shadow of novel "Ulysses" of James Joyce and we recorded life and border of death in Dublin city in past and present and walked. As for the work which caught the shore, alley, people, statue of Dublin, wakuran and intoxication seem to be fragrant in tranquility. We express complicated eyes in panorama as having described wandering of soul in writing style that Joyce is various and minute constitution and are work which opened own new possibility. It will be from respect to Joyce that title was put by wordplay that crossed name "Ryuichiro" of author with "Ulysses".  

It will be that by putting "Rue reseeds" which are "fable" which is early shooting and recent series together, and seeing, reality and dreams and phantasms can feel the work world of Suzuki who continues wandering in mixed labyrinth more deeply.

Ryuichiro Suzuki (sea bass Ryuichiro)

It was born in Tokyo for 1,942 years. After Waseda University entrance to school, we are registered at photograph department. We become photographer of freelance and begin activity after the graduation in 1966. We are in our mid-twenties and hold the first private exhibition after long-term India roam and continue filming each Asian country and United States, Spain, trip including Ireland in the subject afterwards. We catch everyday piece with digital camera and are photographing for acquisition of new expression now. For 2,014-17 years, we act as Ken Domon Prize member of a selection committee. Member of Japan Photographers Society.

Photo exhibition

"Act Indian eternity" 1971; (Ginza NIKON salon)

1992 "town of the equinoctial week" (Ginza NIKON salon)

1993 "MOGUS my friend gas moo" (PRINTEMPS GINZA)

1996 "trip to dorukku" <Singapore> (Ginza, Osaka NIKON salon)

1998 "trip to dorukku" <Shanghai> (Ginza NIKON salon) 1999 "wind, Ireland of Ossian" (eguzairugyarari)

2005 "earth, Ireland of Erin" (eguzairugyarari)

2009 "Rue reseeds RyUlysses" (Ginza NIKON salon)

2010 "Rue reseeds RyUlysses" (Ginza, Osaka NIKON salon)

2010 "Rue reseeds RyUlysses" (the Ken Domon Memorial)

Receiving a prize career

1975 twelfth sun prize "Saint India line"

Collection of association of 2008 Japan photograph prize year prize photographs "Odyssey Odyssey"

Collection of 2010 29th Ken Domon Prize photographs "Rue reseeds RyUlysses"

Collection of photographs 

It is "moo gas (sentence/C. W Nicol) Shogakukan MOGUS my friend" 1993

2007 "Odyssey Odyseey" Heibonsha Publishers Ltd.

2008 "dorukku Druk" Heibonsha Publishers Ltd.

2009 "Rue reseeds RyUlysses" Heibonsha Publishers Ltd.

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