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INFORMATION basics information


From Sunday, June 7, 2020 to 17th Wednesday


Hie-jinja Shrine (2-10-5, Nagata-cho), neighboring areas

Access Chiyoda Line "Akasaka Station" exit 2, a 3-minute walk
Namboku Line, Ginza Line "Tameike-Sanno Station" exit 7, a 3-minute walk
Chiyoda Line "Kokkaigijidomae Station" exit 5, a 5-minute walk
Ginza Line, Marunouchi Line "Akasaka-Mitsuke Station" exit 11, an 8-minute walk
Sponsorship Hie-jinja Shrine
Reference Hie-jinja Shrine
TEL: 03-3581-2471
Homepage http://www.tenkamatsuri.jp/

For new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention, God good luck festival of this year is cancellation.
In addition, festival performing in usual will be held only in cancellation or Shinto priests.


2020 Sanno festival
okiwame grand in Tokugawa era, Edo-jo Castle nyugo with omikoshi which we had as "the world festival" that successive generals make an imperial inspection since Prince family to inherit the shogunate light for three generations and worship,
As the first on the list of Edo three great festival, it is further counted for the Japan's three biggest festivals with Temma Festival of Gion, Osaka of Kyoto.

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    Cruise line via the Tokyo station square

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    Line for about 300m goes ahead through downtown

[God good luck festival]
Sanno festival is said to be "God good luck festival", and it is said to, taking place that it is from (1616) in 1616 of Prince General this and the other worlds Hidetada.
While it is done cortege by about 500 people who wore dynasty attire, six festival cars make a tour of inspection power of God two portable shrines ornamented with the miniature of a golden phoenix at the top and shrine mikoshi one shining conspicuously in "one wide parishioner area Tokyo".
The route goes round areas of center that does not swallow up Tokyo, Imperial Palace, Marunouchi, Kasumigaseki, Ginza, Nihonbashi.
Various spots and contrast of old-fashioned line are full of the highlight! Please enjoy splendid, old-fashioned line of 300 meters.

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[association of each parishioner town Miyairi]
Containing the alliance shrine three festival cars and nine mikoshis of town assembly of parishioner who left Shimizudani Park in Hie-jinja Shrine steeper slope of the two, stone stairway of 52 steps in dusk approaching Hie-jinja Shrine; do.
Brave 52 steps who carry stone stairway on the shoulder, and get nervous must see it!


 [the annual festival regular matters]

7th Thursday 11:00 Professional jester Yasaka-jinja Shrine annual festival Professional jester
10th Wednesday 11:00 Omotesenke head master of a school oblatory tea type Head office
11th Thursday 20:00 yoikyusaiheiutsushireisai Head office
12th Friday 7: 30 - 16:40 God good luck festival
13:40 Nihonbashi resting place for a portable shrine festival
Each parishioner town
13th Saturday 10:00
Head office
14th Sunday 11:00
Callithump Head office
  18:00 kontosai Head office
15th Monday 11:00 Annual festival - kojochimmamori, Tokyo residents peace prayer - Head office
16th Tuesday 11:00
Sencha etiquette way Nissen style oblatory tea type
Sanno annual function of the Edo shogunate festival
Head office
17th Wednesday 10:00 Urasenke committee head master of a school oblatory tea type Head office

[celebration God turnout event]

7th Sunday
... 10th Wednesday

13th Saturday
... 16th Tuesday
In the daytime Sayama butting in with silly joke seat *tei
Annual function of the Edo shogunate festival cake reception seat *tei
7th Sunday In the daytime Traditional "noh dance musical accompaniment" of Edo Kagura hall
12th Friday 10:00~16:00 Noh dance musical accompaniment Middle shrine
13th Saturday In the daytime Traditional "ordinary kagura" of Edo Kagura hall
Evening Association of each parishioner town Miyairi *tei
13th Saturday
... 15th Monday
18:30 Sanno leading and people dance meet The precincts
14th Sunday 12:00 Downtown area consecutive Godo Kyobashi - Nihonbashi
18:00~20:00 Noh dance musical accompaniment Kagura hall
11:00~15:00 Outdoor tea ceremony tea-ceremony room *tei
15th Monday In the daytime Traditional "ordinary kagura" of Edo Kagura hall
12:00 Sanno drum *tei
11:00~15:00 Outdoor tea ceremony tea-ceremony room *tei
18:00~20:00 Noh dance musical accompaniment Kagura hall
16th Tuesday 11:30~16:30 Sencha etiquette way Nissen style field roasting seat *tei

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