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Kioicho garden terrace event

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INFORMATION basics information


From Friday, May 10, 2019 to Sunday, May 26

Place Tokyo garden terrace Kioicho (1-2, Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo others)
Contact 03-3288-5500
Homepage http://www.tgt-kioicho.jp/kioiroseweek/index.html


Kioicho that charms with rose

Tokyo garden terrace Kioicho holds event "KIOI ROSE WEEK 2019" which can sense rose bodily for the five senses this year as new famous spot of rose which was born in the downtown area.
We renew rose garden of Akasaka Prince classical music house as "KIOI ROSE GARDEN" and are colored with rose of about 90 kinds, 600. In addition, "KIOI ROSE CAFE" which art object of big rose showing different expression by the night and day and special menu for a limited time can taste is appearance. You are fragrant, and please thoroughly enjoy high thorny taste while looking at rose in full glory in the downtown area.
In addition, we are proudhearted, and, by "rose exhibition held during event period of rose × Kioicho of Versailles", roses coloring Tokyo garden terrace Kioicho with living Oscar and Marie Antoinette act in the same play with "rose of Versailles" on the stage of the French Revolution splendidly.

Be charmed by rose

How about feeling beautiful rose to be with whole body in PHOTOSPOT of rose coloring roses, the hall blooming in ROSE GARDEN.

Tokyo garden terrace Kioicho where unique rose of about 90 kinds, 600 blooms in profusion vividly.
Rose was laid as "KIOI ROSE GARDEN" where the leading role could enjoy flower of the four seasons, and garden of the Akasaka Prince classical music house west took place this spring.
If we pass through arch of rose which came up newly and take a walk through alley, it is imminent and can feel the world that rose weaves.


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  • Look for rose 6 kind with rose of rose × KIOI ROSE GARDEN Versailles of Versailles as crown by all means in ROSE GARDEN.
  • We share the world of beautiful rose only for INSTAGRAM CAMPAIGN you shooting &!
    After having responded, we photograph "the world of beautiful rose" for you that we found in Tokyo garden terrace Kioicho, and we put two hashtags, and, during campaign period, let's post Tokyo garden terrace Kioicho formula Instagram @tokyo_gardenterrace.
    AI chooses the best shot from photograph with campaign hashtag. We hold winning exhibition and will present champagne for supplementary prize later. We look forward to your application.

    #Tokyo garden terrace Kioicho #KIOI_ROSEWEEK
    Application period: Until 5/10-5/26 23:59
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  • We play with roses, "rose of Versailles" coloring Tokyo garden terrace Kioicho splendidly
    Tokyo garden terrace Kioicho attracts attention now as famous spot of rose which was born in the downtown area.
    Rose of about 90 kinds of 600 blooms in garden in front of Akasaka Prince classical music house in May and competes.
    KIOI ROSE WEEK 2019 which is held to have you know rose which is Aiko Nic of this Kioicho widely.
    Collaboration with "rose of Versailles" realizes masterpiece comics of Riyoko Ikeda in the third this year! We are proudhearted, and anyone cannot help being impressed by living Oscar and Marie Antoinette on the stage of the French Revolution. Of them like it symbolic rose drawn in the work world abundantly let grow, and is fragrant still more, and state stand. We link many excellent scenes of "bell rose" to genuine roses blooming in Tokyo garden terrace Kioicho in this collaboration and explain.
    Furthermore, it is unprecedented display that it is novel and is fun that we wear accessories which imaged hat and characters of Marie Antoinette reproduced beautifully and visit room and we get into the gorgeous world and can sense bodily.
    You discover charm of new work in "rose of Versailles" which played with genuine roses blooming in Tokyo garden terrace Kioicho excellent painting exhibition, and please enjoy rose space of dream.

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