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Kioicho garden terrace event

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INFORMATION basics information


From Wednesday, July 17, 2019 to Saturday, August 31

Place Tokyo garden terrace Kioicho (1-2, Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo others)
Contact 03-3288-5500
Homepage http://www.tgt-kioicho.jp/feature/event/kioisummer2019/

Summer Fun from Tokyo Garden Terrace KIOICHO
In Tokyo garden terrace Kioicho "summer in Japan."

The first Takarajima, Tokyo week
Tokyo Treasure Week
Sponsorship: Tokyo garden terrace Kioicho cooperation: infiorata associates
Islands of 219 in big things and small things scatter to the south of Tokyo. Above all, Oshima of Izu Islands, islands including Hachijojima as island resort of Tokyo now center of public attention. Treasure house of Nature among the beautiful seas, spot that, so to speak, cut down charm of "Takarajima of Tokyo" tightly for a limited time appear in Kioicho. You can enjoy Eat of healthy, delicious island and island liquor of each Izu Islands, Ogasawara Islands island.


Period From Wednesday, July 17 to 19th Friday
From Monday, July 22 to 26th Friday
Time 11:00-21:00 (L.O. 20:30)
Venue Open space of Kioi terrace 1F flower

Special Live
Special live (viewing for free) by artist related to Hachijojima

Time Every day first 18:30 - second 20:00 ...
For each 30 minutes stage
Venue Open space of Kioi terrace 1F flower
Special stage

①7/17 Wednesday Takako Shirai × Hoppe Kamiyama

②7/18 Thursday MIZ
Unit from Hachijojima by Noritaka Tamaki (Vo.) and Seijun Kato (Gt.) of MONO NO AWARE
③7/19 Friday Mitch Sato quartet


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  • The second KIOI BEER BAR Kioi beer bar
    It is KIOI STYLE with domestic craft beer. How about Japanese style beer bar which is modern in Kioicho leaving appearance of Edo?

    Period From Thursday, August 1 to Saturday, August 31
    Time 16:00-21:30 (FOOD L.O.20:30, DRINK L.O.21:00)
    Venue Open space of open space, 4F water of Kioi terrace 1F flower


  • Corridor of KIOI light
    Art of beautiful light with Edo Kiriko and sunflower as motif glistens on "path of terrace".
    Come to promenade of the summer world surrounded by fantastic light by all means.

    Period From Wednesday, July 17 to Saturday, August 31
    Lighting time 17:00-23:00
    Place Path of terrace
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Other events

The mathematics seminar "mathematics × beauty"
Symmetricalness and symmetric tear

The beauty does not have definition, and, by people, beauty changes by the times. However, it has been said to thing felt that many people were beautiful that we had some common denominator. One is symmetricalness. In mathematics, we measure the symmetric richness and can express. By this seminar, we investigate "group" and relations with various figures, lotteries to measure the target richness, ●×▲ = ▲× ●We explore world wonder not to become this.

※It is finished as soon as it becomes capacity

Date 7/30 Tuesday 18:30-20:30 (reception desk 18:00 ...)
Venue Kioi conference
Seminar room A B
Object People who are interested in mathematics 20 years or older
Entrance fee 1,000 yen (tax-included)
Lecturer Representative of Sachiko Nakajima /steAm, Inc., jazz pianist, composer, mathematician, STEAM(S) educator
Application Prior application system
Method It is application http://www.tgt-kioicho.jp/ from HP
It is finished as soon as it becomes capacity


It is workshop having cowound of manufacturing using the five senses with expert targeting at primary schoolchildren.

Venue Kioi conference others
Object ... sixth grader in the second grade
Application Prior application system
Method It is application http://www.tgt-kioicho.jp/ from HP
※It is finished as soon as it becomes capacity.


<workshop contents>

Date Contents
Wednesday, July 31
Wednesday, August 7
Both are 13:00-18:00
①kodomokenchiku project
"Gathering of starlit sky." Make photogenic building coloring (8/7)! Project type workshop to challenge for this mission by architect team led by child. From planning design, construction to announcement, let's aim at the achievement by team! Using this building "gathering of starlit sky." of Wednesday, August 7 Starlit sky observation experience is possible in this.
Wednesday, July 31
②We mend game in Springin'
We make game only for oneself with iPad. Even if programming is unexperienced, it is all right. We can make original game in two hours while thinking about movement and device of picture which we drew if we use the latest application. Making is more fun than we play a game!
Wednesday, August 7
③We mend slime musical instrument
At first, we challenge to make slime of various colors, touch, viscosity, smells! We make original slime only for you while using the five senses and can make LED shine through slime and provide what sound and. Day that becomes slime musical instrument inventor! We can take slime which we made home with base changing programming. You connect to PC at home, and play.


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