Iidabashi, Kudan, Ichigaya, Kitanomaru Event Stone wall and Odaiba Cruise of Edo-jo Castle Sotobori



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INFORMATION basics information

On the day this event was called off by judgment of sponsor because it was anticipated that wave rose under the influence of expected strong wind.

On the date Saturday, September 21, 2019
・The 10:00-12:30 crowdedness
・The 13:30-16:00 crowdedness
※In the case of rainy weather, stormy weather, we cancel
Capacity Each 40 times (application order)
Object More than junior high student ※Infant, primary schoolchild is impossible of participation
Expense Adult 3,000 yen, junior high school, high school student 1,500 yen (including passage fare, premium)
Place Chiyoda-ku main government building disaster prevention anchorage (the 1-2000, Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku Daita ward office back)
Application method Application by homepage or FAX
As for the details, please see the following application method.
Sponsorship Chiyoda Riverside project
Contact Chiyoda City Tourism Association
TEL: 03-3556-0391
FAX: 03-3556-0392

Stone wall and Odaiba Cruise of Edo-jo Castle Sotobori


  • #
  • Odaiba and stone wall of Edo-jo Castle Sotobori, country designated historic spot observe the dismantling repair spots of "Tokiwa Hashikado trace, Tokiwa Bridge" from the ship top while hearing commentary by Hibiya book culture building curator. (with Edo-jo Castle Sotobori and document of Odaiba)

  • Navigation course
    Chiyoda-ku disaster prevention anchorage → The Sumida River → Toyosu canal → Third Daiba, the sixth Daiba → The Sumida River → The Nihonbashi River → Nihonbashi → Country designated historic spot "Tokiwa Hashikado trace, Joban Bridge" → It is observed stone wall of Edo-jo Castle Sotobori by the ship top → Chiyoda-ku disaster prevention anchorage
    (there is change of course by weather, tide level)


[application method]

When you wish to go on board, by September 13 (gold, must arrive), please apply by this homepage or FAX.
※If there is space after final day, we accept application at any time.

Because it was full, we finished application acceptance.

☆On homepage in the case of application
 We can apply from "event participation form" of this page button.
 (required input item)
  Please fill in phone number, address, e-mail address to attack of communication on the full name, participation number of people, the day.
  In addition, please list full name, age, hope embarkation time of age of applicant and fellow passenger in Important Notice column by all means.

 As application completion email arrives from info@kanko-chiyoda.jp, after the application completion, please confirm by all means.
 ※@Email from kanko-chiyoda.jp becomes able to receive, or please confirm domain setting.

☆By FAX in the case of application
①Event name "stone wall and Odaiba Cruise of Edo-jo Castle Sotobori"
②Zip code, address of representative
③Full name (furigana) of representative
④Age of representative
⑤Phone number of representative, return address FAX number
⑥The embarkation applicant number of people
⑦Full name, age of fellow passenger

You fill in all the requirements on ①-⑦ mentioned above, and please transmit FAX to Chiyoda City Tourism Association (FAX: 03-3556-0392) (style freedom).

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