Kojimachi, Hanzo-mon, Nagatacho Explore KIOI SUMMER 2019 (AUGUST)



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Kioicho garden terrace event

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INFORMATION basics information


From Wednesday, July 17, 2019 to Saturday, August 31

Place Tokyo garden terrace Kioicho (1-2, Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo others)
Contact 03-3288-5500
Homepage http://www.tgt-kioicho.jp/feature/event/kioisummer2019/

Summer Fun from Tokyo Garden Terrace KIOICHO
In Tokyo garden terrace Kioicho "summer in Japan."

KIOI BEER BAR Kioi beer bar
It is KIOI STYLE with domestic craft beer. How about Japanese style beer bar which is modern in Kioicho leaving appearance of Edo? "Beer one cup exchange ticket" which is available at eating and drinking store in Kioi terrace is presented in every day using KIOI BEER BAR by the first 70 people!
※It becomes the end as soon as it disappears. ※Contents of drink, the offer date and time vary according to stores.
※There is store which the use excludes partly. ※KIOI BEER BAR may be called off by weather.

Period From Thursday, August 1 to 31st Saturday
Time 16:00-21:30 (FOOD L.O. 20:30, DRINK L.O. 21:00)
Venue Kioi terrace 1F "open space of flower"
4F "open space of water" (hold in two places)

The dishes supervision: Toru Komori
We play an active part in the media as expert of Japanese food. We appear on "strong man of dishes" and deal with the dishes supervision of drama. In "the prominent skill person commendation system", we receive commendation as "contemporary master craftsman".


  • Open space venue of KIOI BEER BAR flower
    We prepare domestic craft beer "virugobiru". It is corner to kick that can drop in casually.
    It is full first of all in after five.

    Open space venue of KIOI BEER BAR water
    Please enjoy domestic craft beer and mariaju of specially made menu by the cook Toru Komori supervision.


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  • KIOI sunflower terrace

  • Venue: Open space of Kioi terrace 1F flower
    Sunflower field due to art flower appears in open space of flower. Sunflower shaking for wind enlivens summer feeling.

    Venue: The Kioi terrace 1F "parking lot entrance" side
    Photospot that imaged summer of KIOI in hall. We can take photograph which is "Japanese modern" by combination of Edo Kiriko pattern and sunflower.


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  • Corridor of KIOI light
    Lighting time 17:00-23:00
    Path of venue terrace
    Art of beautiful light with Edo Kiriko and sunflower as motif glistens on "path of terrace".
    Come to summer night promenade surrounded by fantastic light by all means.

    Venue: Kioi terrace 2F wall gallery (the "Seijo Ishii" side)
    It is corner introducing history of Edo Kiriko. It is original design which mixed "sunflower" using "barrier crest" "bamboo leaf crest" which is pattern that Tokyo garden terrace Kioicho original Edo Kiriko is representative.

Other events

The youth Go Festival
Until kindergarten - primary, middle and high schools life, it is warm welcome to people aiming at four steps from people mentioning Go for the first time! Let's enjoy Go together.

Date Thursday, August 15
Part 9:30-11:45 (reception desk 8:50 ...) of the morning
Part 13:30-15:45 (reception desk 12:50 ...) of the afternoon
Venue Kioi conference
Object Kindergarten - high school student
(possible participation from the first person to person aiming at four steps)
Entrance fee 1,000 yen (tax-included) ※Payment on that day
Contact 03-3288-8729 (weekdays 9:30-17:30)
Nihon Ki-in Division
How to apply Prior application system
Apply from the Nihon Ki-in HP.

Concert by Tokyo art University graduate

Date Saturday, August 24
The first 11:00 ...
The second 13:30 ...
Venue Kioi tower 1F office entrance
Player Emi Araki (soprano saxophone)
Ako Kawashima (small pipe)
Yokoyama beauty A (tenor saxophone)
Miki Hiraga (baritone saxophone)
Program W.A. Than Mozart/flute quartet music first D major the first movement
G.Introduction and variation by the subject of Pierne/folk song style rondo
A.Milonga of piasora/angel
Yasuhide Ito/Ryukyu fantasy

Mathematics seminar "mathematics × game"
Mystery to hide behind behind world will collecting game

There are various feudal retainer games in the world. Both setting and rules are various. But the first move, certain victory of the second mover is decided, and free, creative idea not to remain for mere feudal retainer game hides in strategy in many cases. By this seminar, we discover mathematics to hide behind behind feudal retainer game while making trial and error with all of you and experience the world of dazzling fun mathematics game. In addition, we introduce applied example, connection to those information-intensive society.

Date 8/27 Tuesday 18:30-20:30 (reception desk 18:00 ...)
Venue Kioi conference
Seminar room A B
Object People who are interested in mathematics 20 years or older
Entrance fee 1,000 yen (tax-included)
Lecturer Representative of Sachiko Nakajima /steAm, Inc., follow your MUSE joint representative (musician, mathematics researcher, STEAMS educator
Application Prior application system (we apply from Tuesday, August 13 and start)
Method It is application http://www.tgt-kioicho.jp/ from HP
※It is finished as soon as it becomes capacity

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