Kojimachi, Hanzo-mon, Nagatacho Event [during stop] The Diet building & Nagatacho walk tour


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INFORMATION basics information

We are stopping under the influence of new coronavirus infectious disease now. 

Date Only on Saturday (around 2-4 times a month)
Please confirm the following website in detailed schedule.
It starts at meeting 13:20 at 13:15
Meeting place Nagatacho Station Exit 1 escalator bottom (in front of restroom)
Tour fare 2750 yen per person
Pair percent 5,170 yen (one set of two people)
※It is adult, the dwarf same amount.
※Child less than infants and third grader cannot participate regardless of payment, free.
It is included in rate
Guide company costs, earphone guide ® (wireless apparatus for guidance) rental
Application From website → https://www.mikikiitos.com/infokokkai

The Diet building & Nagatacho walk tour
―Adult is social studies visit happily, too♪―

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We exceed 900 totals! Adult is social studies visit happily, too♪
It is social studies visit tour for adult around the Diet building and Diet-affiliated facility in the rotation. It is not at all serious contents and we relax shoulder and are "sightseeing" possible tour. Possibly it will be that there is person who has visited the Diet building by school excursion and social studies visit in the days of child. That has been visited is sure to get that there is new discovery in viewpoint different in a childhood once. Does neither person interested in politics nor person that it is not so visit the Diet building some other time at this opportunity?

Tour trip

Indication of the time required
About 2 hours 30 minutes
①The Members' Hall
②The Prime Minister official residence
①②It becomes only the appearance together
③The Diet building
・Visit to House of Representatives
By guidance of Diet guard
We observe the Diet building inside
<<break (about ten minutes)>>
④The Diet front yard
It is famous as location of drama, movie♪
Japanese leveling reference point/clock tower
⑤The constitutional government Memorial
We lead to photospot in hall♪
※Person who wants to look at the hall slowly and carefully
We can enter after tour again.
⑥The Diet souvenir section
We take the souvenir purchase after tour slowly♪
※In the case of temporary closure, you cannot purchase
⑦The Diet library
Admission applicant can observe after tour
※You cannot enter for closing on Sundays and holidays.

As for application, the details of tour, please see official site. → https://www.mikikiitos.com/infokokkai

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