Imperial Palace, Tokyo Sta., Hibiya Event [cancellation] Otemachi emission cinema



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New movie event that office worker can display stress

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INFORMATION basics information

This event was called off. 

Date Friday, February 21, 2020 17:00~22:00
(cinematograph 19:00~21:15 plan)
Venue Otemachi the second floor of the place conference center
(2-3-1, Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
Access Tokyo Metro "Otemachi Station" Exit A5 1-minute walk
JR "Tokyo Sta." Marunouchi north exit 7-minute walk
Sponsorship Otemachi place
Entrance fee Entrance, appreciation for free
※The purchase of food and drink, some workshops participation are charged
Participation method Prior application is not necessary
Movie viewing capacity 450 first arrival

Otemachi emission cinema

Town which ⼤ hand town is Japan, but has the one of the best ⾦ * center. There may be much ⽅ acting in every ⽇ strong pressure and pressure. While such an office worker watches movie with co-worker and friend, "⼤ hand town emission cinema" sings and displays stress by speaking and is intended that we have you charge vitality to light ⽇. It is "Bohemian rhapsody" which is released last year, and sparked "the queen whirlwind" throughout japan that shows this time.

"⼤ hand-cho place" that ⽬ pointed to it becoming next-generation global business base in the ground where the Ministry of Finance Printing Bureau and Tei-Park, Tokyo international post office were ever to hold event, and was completed in 8⽉ month in 2018. "⼤ hand town place conference center" where international conference or corporate seminar can fall below ⾏ usually turns into movie theater of one-night stand.

Not only cinematograph but also stress emission contents that are full of variety prepare
In venue, we carry out workshops such as yoga and kikkubokusasaizu, dining table return which can emit stress as well as movie viewing. Furthermore, 10 stress emission booths providing liquor and spice dishes, aroma massage, guidebook open a store.

■The emission yoga!
Are mind and body not refreshed in yoga to heal fatigue of work together? As you can rent yoga mat free, please participate casually.
・Time: 17:50 ~18 time 35 minutes
・Entrance fee: 500 yen
・Lecturer: Beach Mr. Saori
・Capacity: 30 people
・Application: Apply beforehand from site.
・The support: Qvou (we present "drinking silica" natural water to person who participated)

■Darkness emission kikkubokusasaizu!
We just perform kikkubokusasaizu moving the body to music including punch and kick in "darkness" of fashion.
・Time: 17:50 ~18 time 35 minutes
・Entrance fee: 500 yen
・Lecturer: Mr. Tatsuko Konno
・Capacity: 20 people
・Application: Apply beforehand from the following site.
・The support: Qvou (we present "drinking silica" natural water to person who participated)

■Air-type sand back &PC dining table return
We punch sandbag and vent everyday pent-up anger, and we upset dining table with PC with all one's might, and let's dissolve irritation
・Time: 17:00 ~22 time 00 minutes
・Entrance fee: Free of charge

Otemachi place official site is this place

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