Akihabara, Kanda Event [cancellation] Flower Yashima of the 18th Kanda Myojin bonfire noh Myojin ability mysterious profundity



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INFORMATION basics information

This event was called off.   

Date Thursday, May 14, 2020
The 17:30 opening
18:00 gagaku performance
18:15 commentary
The curtain rises at 18:30
Venue The special stage in front of Akira Kanda Kanja

All seat designation
SU seat 9,000 yen SS seat 8,500 yen S1 8,000 yen
S2 seat 6,500 yen A seat 5,000 yen B seat 4,000 yen

Website https://www.kandamyoujin.or.jp/kandamatsuri/

The 18th Kanda Myojin bonfire noh
Flower of Myojin mysterious profundity

17:30 The opening
18:00 Gagaku performance
(Kanda Miyabi Myojin department of musical matters)
18:15 Commentary
(Nara University's professor Akiko Miyake)
18:30 Presentation start 

Mr. singing a No song without accompaniment sea bream "god's song kamiuta" to suck in Kongo school of noh 26th head family Hisanori Kongo kongohisanori et al.
Mr. sham "Processed Aconite Root" Izumi style Kazunori Takano takanokazunori et al.

Break 15 minutes
Mr. end "Mount Oe" kingoryukingoryukin kongotatsunori et al.
Acquire whether is ability "Yashima" Kongo school of noh Masaru Endo Minoru pea; him et al.


Singing a No song without accompaniment (sea bream to suck) "god's song" (we chew and shoot)
Old man is name to get close, and to respect old man, but is treated as music of God in the brain. God's song is sung among program "old men". Singing a No song without accompaniment means that we sing part of vocal music without accepting musical accompaniment. It is one piece of special case and is said that "old man makes ability and is not ability". It is holy ceremony and should say with service rather than dance that performer becomes God and has prayer of All the world is at peace, country peace.

Sham "Processed Aconite Root"
As the master contained deadly poison called Processed Aconite Root in pail of Taro young retainer and Jiro young retainer, we had realized without approaching as we died just to smell, and to bathe in air and left state nito and went out. Two people staying at home are worried about the inside of pail, and there is no way. We decide to dodge air using fan, and to look in acquaintance pail. Then it was very appetizing sugar that entered pail. It is sugar definitely deliciously indulgently when we lick. Two people eat up to scramble. Well, one or ... which, well, becomes what kind of

Ability "Yashima"
Party of itinerant priest comes over to ura of country (Kagawa) Yashima of Sanuki from the capital. As day went down, old fisherman and young fisherman who finished fishing when we went came back to Shioya of the beach. It is declined with saying that we ask for crash pad, but we long for when we know that Buddhist priest came from the capital and lend accommodation.
Old fisherman who has begun to talk about state of battle of competition between two teams to perfumer by request of Buddhist priest talks as if he saw chushi that we protect way of brave man and keisei of Yoshitsune and neck-plates discounted fight of Shiro Mihoya, Yoshitsune of Tsugunobu Sato. When Buddhist priest visits the name, oneself suggests when it is departed soul of Yoshitsune and disappears.
(chorus in utai singing at the principal actor's temporary exit) True master of Shioya came there over, and Buddhist priest talked about event that we just had here as we said that it was own Shioya here, and master told story of fight in the same way as a while ago when we asked about battle of competition between two teams and left accommodation for Buddhist priests when we prepared.
Departed soul of Yoshitsune who wore armor helmet when Buddhist priest is sleeping at midnight appears and we reproduce state of bow sink which tried not to have its bow drained into wave stolen by enemy and talk. And we show the terrible number of fights of Asura way with Noritsune Tairano, and the figure disappears with the daybreak. It dawned before long and came out of dream of Buddhist priest.

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