Akihabara, Kanda Event UDX Winter Illumination 2020


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INFORMATION basics information

Date From Wednesday, November 11, 2020 to Sunday, February 28, 2021
Venue Akihabara UDX (4-14-1, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku)
Access JR Yamanote Line/sobu, Chuo Line/Keihin-Tohoku Line Akihabara Station 3-minute walk
Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Akihabara Station 4-minute walk
Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Suehirocho Station 3-minute walk
Tsukuba Express Akihabara Station 3-minute walk
Sponsorship Akihabara UDX
Website https://www.udx-akibaichi.jp/

UDX Illumination 2020

270,000 pitches of light UDX Illumination 2020 which color Akihabara

As for the theme of this year, "HAPPY WINTER - feeling dances. To dreamland -. We color town of Akihabara by light of 270,000 pitches of total number, projection mapping in the neighborhood of entrance that located in decoration using illustration of Sawako Kabuki in conjunction with image movie of Akihabara UDX and western roadside tree and 2F deck of the east side, the hall of Akihabara UDX restaurant & shop Akiba ichi.

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    Western roadside tree gold

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    Western roadside tree blue

It lights up town of Akihabara by fantastic light while being warm simply because it is still "blue" indicating process and thanks to essential workers such as medical care, caretaker supporting living in the front line of corona evil and such times, and changing two colors of light of "champagne gold" to remind of the future full of calm light with western roadside tree every ten minutes.

Projection mapping utilized block of Akihabara UDX

At the entrance side, we carry out Akihabara UDX's first projection mapping. Reindeer enlivens atmosphere of Christmas with Santa Claus while making use of blocking of outer wall.

Schedule Wednesday, November 11, 2020 - Friday, December 25, 2020
Time 15:00 ... (plan)


2F east side deck to be able to enjoy from train

The east side deck

It lights up by illuminations of distance in a straight line about 160m kindly on 2F deck to send warmth to many of you while realizing 3 dense evasion that is one of the effective means of new coronavirus measures. We will send warm light that can feel at ease relievedly for a time on the way home while by assuming space to be able to enjoy from train, doing 3 dense evasion.

Decoration using illustration of Sawako Kabuki

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In hall, we will carry out decoration using illustration of Sawako Kabuki in conjunction with image movie of Akihabara UDX in addition to illuminations of champagne gold.  Post decoration using state that man who decided on each site in the hall with woman and top hat & tuxedo of dress dances and illustration using candy Kane, and is theme in this year; "HAPPY WINTER - feeling dances. We do with space where ... is fully felt to dreamland.

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  • Eco-tree to make with ball plumply!
    We will hold workshop building up tree of 3.6m in height with plastic bottle which had participants bring in order to help enlightenment activity for the achievement of SDGs. We provide time to mention Eco and recycling although being a pleasure. Let's make winter memory with family and friend together! ・Conduct contents: You fill the sky plastic bottle (around 500 ml) which had all of you bring with plump balls, and please make parts of eco-tree. You have completed parts attach to frame of tree, and please build up tree of 3.6m in height. We can have you take surplus plastic bottle home!
    On the date Saturday, November 14
    Display period Until Friday, December 25
    Entrance fee Free of charge
    Remarks Advance reservations system
    ※In Akiba ichi HP
    Please confirm information.


■Picture which we drew together begins to work! Paper application & stump work shop holding to change!

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    Picture which drew becomes ⽴ body, and is ⾛ ridashimasu along track. Furthermore, we download picture which we drew from WEB site and are ⽇ book's first "paper application & moving stamp" which is ri ⽤ possibility workshop.
    ※"Paper application" is solution for events with trademark of RICOH Co., Ltd. ・Conduct contents: Please draw ⽤ i, picture on ⽤ of sen ⽤ with felt pen. We scan on the spot, and picture for ⾃ begins to work in monitor approaching. We can download working stamp which added simple message to painting which we described in sen ⽤WEB site.

In holding ⽇ 11⽉14⽇(⼟)
13:30-16:30 (plan) ※It is finished as soon as 400 pieces of ⽤ disappears.
Entrance fee Free of charge
Remarks Occasional participation of person from tsu ⾏. 400 first arrival. ※Object: Recommendation lower than ⼩ studies ⽣

※As for the details, please see WEB page. (Website

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