Iidabashi, Kudan, Ichigaya, Kitanomaru Cherry tree Festival Spring festival of art museum



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Because National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo is located in Imperial Palace and plover ke deep water, famous spot of cherry tree area such as Kitanomaru-koen Park, and there is in perfect location to rotate by walk, we greet in various events.

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INFORMATION basics information

Date From Tuesday, March 19, 2019 to Sunday, April 7
10:00 - 17:00 (in the main building until Friday and Saturday 20:00)
※Admission until 30 minutes before closing
Closed days On Monday (but 3/25, 4/1 are opened)
Place National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo (3-1, Kitanomarukouen, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo crafts building (1-1, Kitanomarukouen, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
Access From Tokyo Metro Tozai Line "Takebashi Station" 1b exit art museum: 3-minute walk/crafts building: An 8-minute walk
"Kudanshita Station" art museum: From Exit 4 15-minute walk/crafts building: From Exit 2 a 12-minute walk
From "Jimbocho Station" Exit A1 art museum: A 15-minute walk
From "Tokyo Sta." Marunouchi Exit art museum: 20-25 minutes on foot
Exhibition held Main building:
Possession exhibition "MOMAT collection" (4F-2F holding gallery)
"Laugh off this Ichiro Fukuzawa exhibition hopeless world" (1F plan exhibition gallery)
"Image collector, Hisui Sugiura exhibition" (2F gallery 4)

Crafts building:
"Molding beauty which comes out of The Bizen soil and flame"

*You can see "image collector, Hisui Sugiura exhibition "MOMAT collection" for viewing charges of "Ichiro Fukuzawa exhibition" of main building only for the day of the admission, too".
*You can see "image collector, Hisui Sugiura exhibition for viewing charges of "MOMAT collection" of main building only for the day of the admission, too".
*You can see "image collector, Hisui Sugiura exhibition "MOMAT collection" for viewing charges of "The Bizen" of crafts building exhibition only for the day of the admission, too".
*You can see "image collector, Hisui Sugiura exhibition" "MOMAT collection" free together on Sunday, April 7.
Sponsorship National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
Reference TEL: 03-5777-8600
Homepage http://www.momat.go.jp/



Exhibition of The air is full of spring

Main building | Possession exhibition MOMAT collection (session: for from March 19 to May 26)
We release masterpiece about cherry tree, Gyokudo Kawai << spring to go >> (important cultural property) only at time around once in year and display Gyokushi Atomi << illustration of cherry blossom roll >> whom it hangs down, and cherry tree, cherry tree which, ugh, does not come, rare cherry tree more than 40 kinds such as island cherry tree were described in. You can enjoy contest with cherry tree around Chidori-ga-fuchi and the art museum. Furthermore, masterpieces such as Matazo Kayama << spring and summer high waves >>, Gyokuju Funada << evening of flower >>, Keigetsu Matsubayashi << figure of spring evening flower shadow >> form a line, and work about flower extends to all 16 points. In addition, you can enjoy crafts works such as first Kozan Miyagawa << figure of pigeon cherry blossom high relief vase >>, Uzan Kimura << sentence long-sleeved kimono that crepe place yuzen is blue >> together for the first time this time.

Main building | Laugh off this Ichiro Fukuzawa exhibition hopeless world (session: for from March 12 to May 26)
Ichiro Fukuzawa who introduced surrealism to Japan in the 1930s, and played an active part as leader of vanguard art motion. We introduce various painting that laughed off stupidity of social contradiction and people for satiricalness with intellectual humor in enigmatic image.

Main building | Image collector, Hisui Sugiura exhibition (session: in the first half year for from February 9 to April 7 in/latter period for from April 10 to May 26)
Hisui Sugiura (1876-1965) is one of the designers who played an important role in kizunariki of Japanese graphic design. We display work of cover design and the binding of magazine which we dealt with including poster for Mitsukoshi which is non-aqueous masterpiece much, sketching about the familiar animals and plants by book exhibition and introduce non-aqueous collection of this hotel to a large hall after an interval of 19 years. Valuable former storehouse document including picture of 16mm film which overseas magazine and scrapbook which non-water left at hand this time, non-water photographed is the first public exhibition.
The details are this

Crafts building | Molding beauty (session: for from February 22 to May 6) which comes out of The Bizen soil and flame
We are charmed in Old Bizen by perfect gem of Old Bizen chosen in Momoyama era by master of tea ceremony, man of well-cultivated tastes and introduce the genealogy of the beauty of soil and flame drifting from Momoyama era to the present age to young work which keeps writer in modern times when we wrestled, technique that we inherited from guide more alive, and is going to establish modern Bizen to making earthenware. We investigate charm of Bizen producing various expression while being simple.

Let's experience! Guide program

Main building | Holding guide
Hear work commentary; when while is not directional, and participants talk with the guide staff, it is possible for appreciation experience that totally does demystification of work; guide program of reputation. We feel work freely and use imagination, and it will be at opportunity to discover charm of new work by making it words, and talking.
It is held every day from 14:00

Main building | Spring festival talk rally
Special program to hold on free viewing day of April 7. The guide staff greets all of you in front of works more than 20 places. We press the charm while talking with the guide staff over work by stamp rally method. We present specially made perception badge when we collect stamps to be able to get whenever we appreciate work three or more. Annual popular program that was prosperous very much last year without passing over.
Viewing day 12:00-15:00 free on Sunday, April 7, the first 2,000 people

You can enjoy work while touching with work of writer including living national treasure, and talking in exhibition hall.
It is held from 14:00 of Wednesday, Saturday

Viewing day free on Sunday, April 7!

Crafts building | Touch & talk
First Sunday is free viewing day of possession exhibition every month. Sunday of April 7 hits on free viewing day during festival period and free can see "image collector, Hisui Sugiura exhibition" ("Ichiro Fukuzawa exhibition" is excluded) "MOMAT collection" held in spring in main building. Please enjoy neighboring walks relaxedly in addition.

Special Menu only for cherry blossom viewing time

In main building, you can take a break while looking at cherry tree in folding stool stand preparing in front yard. Kitchen car by restaurant "ra e MIKUNI" sells specially made cherry blossom viewing lunch and sparring wine (rose of cerise), amazake. ※Business hours of cafe may be different from art museum opening time.

Closed place
At time of cherry blossom viewing, rest station is set up specially in front yard. Have enjoy meal which performed takeout in front yard;, too, and enjoy clear and mild season;, too. Please spend spring freely.

Restaurant "ra e MIKUNI"
In restaurant "ra e MIKUNI of the second-floor chef Seizo Mikuni produce facing the Imperial Palace," even terrace seat which can overlook cherry tree of Imperial Palace can enjoy dishes other than spring menu. ※Please reserve restaurant seat after checking in what is crowded in particular in season of cherry blossoms. ○Reference: 03-3213-0392 (restaurant direct communication) ○ homepage: http://lart-et-mikuni.jp/


Merchandise sale of The air is full of spring

We sell scarf or handkerchief which we dyed in branch of cherry tree of Chidori-ga-fuchi other than original product for a limited time in art museum and contribute a part of the sales to maintenance activity "cherry tree fund" of cherry tree.

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