Genboku Ito [itougemboku]

1800 through 1871
  • History & culture

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Specialist in Dutch medical and pharmaceutical method of the late Tokugawa period, the revolution period. Farmhouse of Hizen country Kanzaki-gun, child of *kojujo. The name is deep water. We became adopted child of nochi, Saga clansman, Hiroaki Ito.

We want to be medicine at 16-year-old time and the beginning studies under herb doctor, kokawa*an and practices medicine in 1818 (origin of civil administration).
It is Saga clan doctor, Shimamoto in 1822 ◆In ryuuso [ryusho] of Dutch medical and pharmaceutical method learn the basics.
Of next year, Nagasaki ◆We learned Dutch from Inomata [Inomata] biography next gate-guard office followed by studied under Siebold and mastered Dutch scholar studies.
In 1826, we join kokosanfu of Siebold. Two years later, we are involved in Siebold case and go to prison at one time. We changed our name afterwards with genho.
It is Dutch learning cram school ・ in 1833, Okachimachi ◆We establish elephant point temple [we do not read aloud agree].
We advise direct plus on cowpox seedling import to become specialist in follower of Saga feudal lord, Naomasa Nabeshima in 1843, and to prevent smallpox prevalent at that time.
Using vaccine which arrived at Izushima of Nagasaki in 1849, we succeeded in smallpox vaccination in Nagasaki, Saga and spread in West Japan.
When Iesada Tokugawa is seriously ill, in 1858, we are selected as the Shogunate shogunate physician as Western physician for the first time, and, in the same year, Kanda ladle establishes smallpox vaccination place with specialist in Dutch medical and pharmaceutical method 50 other people of Edo in pond. It became forerunner, Western medicine place of the koreganochino Univ. of Tokyo medical department. There are many translation versions including "the West steel casting edition" which translated book of Netherlands iron manufacture, casting other than (24) at "the medical original beginning" when we translated handwriting of Professor Austrian screw Koch.