Tadasuke Ooka [ookatadasuke]

1677 through 1751
  • History & culture

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Town magistrate of Edo. In babies of Tadashi Ooka High School, it is adopted child of direct feudatory of a shogun, Tadamasa Ooka.

We inherit birthright in 1700. By Yamada prefect term in office of Ise, selection of General Yashiro Yoshimune in 1717 to town magistrate of Edo. It became etsuzenshu and, as for a certain human kindness judgment, was called excellent third-ranking official with fairness. In addition, we show administrative ability that is prominence and promote economic policy. We make result for reform of Kyoho of Yoshimune including the foundation of town fireman system and Koishikawa good self-care place.
We are promoted to commissioner of shrines and temples in 1736. In 1948, we became daimyo of 10,000 koku of Mikawa country Ohira feudal clans.

Lawyer Hall is built to mansion trace of chuso in Kasumigaseki now.