Hikozaemon Okubo [okubohikozaemon]

1560 through 1639
  • History & culture

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Direct feudatory of a shogun who is in the first half of the Edo era. In babies of Tadakazu Okubo, the name is chukyo. Mikawa country birth.

As Tokugawa hereditary vassal to the Tokugawa family, we served Ieyasu with the whole families from childhood. War of Totomi country Inui of 1576 was first campaign, but thereafter we give meritorious services in war at every war and receive 2,000 koku in Musashi country in 1590.

In 1614, we were summoned to shunfu and were given 1,000 koku newly in Mikawa country. We serve general of three generations from Ieyasu to house light and attend when Ieyasu decides serious matter as "trend spotter of the world". It is said that we gave opinion without hesitation.

It is flag prefect in 1632. "Mikawa story" is in book.
It is informed that we lived around current 3, Kandanishikicho.