tadendo* [otadokan]

1432 through 1486
  • History & culture

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Military commander who is in the latter half of the Muromachi era. Birth of Sagami. The name is shicho in children of Sukekiyo Ota. We served Oogiya, Sadamasa Uesugi.

We start construction of a castle of Edo-jo Castle in 1456 and are completed in the next year. In addition, we build Iwatsuki, two castles of Kawagoe with father and become influential person of Musashi, Sagami.

When vassal of Yamauchi, Akisada Uesugi, revolt of Kageharu Nagao happen in 1476, we protect constant plus and kentei and last for several years afterward and fight against soldier in view spring in various places throughout Kanto. In this way, we raised own fame while we strengthened power of Oogiya Uesugi.

However, we were killed to constant plus of lord afterwards in Sagami country Kasuya (existing Isehara-shi, Kanagawa) in 1486 while Yamauchi, conflict of the both Uesugis of Oogiya were strengthened. It is said to be plot of the Yamauchis for fear of internal conflict of the Oogiyas and rise of the Oogiyas, kentei.

We liked study since childhood particularly do* read book on military tactics of the ancient and modern times and we were strong in military science and were called strategy instructor.
Above all, it is said that we were good at common soldier strategy. In addition, we liked poetry and we invited novice bonze of in Edo-jo Castle or Kencho-ji Temple and Enkaku-ji Temple to the Sumida River and floated ship and did Buddhist priest of Rinzai sect, Shuku Banri and others in 85 and often held poetry society.

It is restored the administrative authority to Kamihira Kawamura by Ieyasu Tokugawa in the present location for the next 1,606 years in 90 by Hidetada, and thereafter flat river Tenman-gu Shrine (flat river Tenjin) which do* founded to Bairin Sakagami in Edo flat river Castle in 1478 continues up to the present day while gathering veneration of Edo citizen.