oridenyu** [odaurakusai]

1547 through 1621
  • History & culture

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Military commander, master of tea ceremony of Shokuhojidai period. In younger brothers of Nobunaga Oda, the name is long gain.
We follow Hideyoshi Toyotomi after the death of Nobunaga. We belonged to Tokugawa by the decisive battle, and there were meritorious services in war and was given Sanmangoku in Yamato. In addition, we assist Hideyori Toyotomi of Osaka-jo Castle and push forward settlement with Ieyasu Tokugawa at camp of Osaka winter, but live in seclusion in Kyoto right in front of summer camp.
We share 20,000 koku to children among territories of Sanmangoku and do remaining 10,000 koku with own Yoro charges, and it is said that we enjoyed tea party.
In best disciples of Sen no Rikyu, it is father of tea ceremony Yuuraku flow. Tea-ceremony room ◆We make Jo-an Teahouse [joan].
In Yurakucho of Edo, place where we set up free-standing tea ceremony room with mansion trace of yu** remains in the name of free-standing tea ceremony room bridge.