Tanshin Kanou [we do not beat believe]

1653 through 1718
  • History & culture

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Painter of the Edo-style middle. Birth of Edo. In babies of Tannyu Kanou, the name is shumatsurigoto.
In representative school of Japanese painting that Kano group followed from the middle of Muromachi era to the early period of Meiji, Masanobu Kano is the founder.
We pressed power in response to perceptiveness for movement of time and planned advance to Edo with establishment of Tokugawa shogunate government.
It is saguriyu that became order illustrator of the Shogunate at 16 years old in 1617. As mansion was given for 21 years by **kyomongai, it was called **kyokariyaka later. Sounding out sincerity succeeded in 74, but was not stirred up as father.
It is said that receipt mansion was at current 1, Sotokanda (Matsunaga-cho).