Hachiro Kiyokawa [Kiyokawa will be scattered]

1830 through 1863
  • History & culture

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Patriot of the late Tokugawa period period. In babies of squire, Osamu Saito soldier of the Imperial Guard of Dewa Shonai feudal clan, the name is genshi. We appear in Edo at 16-year-old time and learn Confucianism from Ichido Tojou to Shusaku Chiba with sword. In 59, Kanda ladle opens bumbuyubinansho in pond. In the next year, we interchange with patriots with Incident out of Sakurada-mon Gate. We gather patriots in Fushimi Teradaya Historic Site to carry through important meaning of revering the Emperor and expelling the barbarians campaign, but we are prevented by Hisamitsu Shimazu and fail. In 63, we are stationed to Shogunate lordless samurai and Kyoto, Mibu. We are opposed to Isami Kondo and others adherence to the shogunate group. We came back to Edo and entered Class new sign, but we were assassinated at Azabu's best bridge by shogunate official. Fencing dojo studio of Shusaku Chiba whom Kiyokawa learned from, Xuanwu hall and yoikejuku of Ichido Tojou were in current Kandahigashimatsushitacho.