Kanji Kunieda [we feel Kunieda to be]

1892 through 1956
  • History & culture

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Novelist of the Taisho era, the Showa period. Real name, Kanji. We write script in newspaper reporter, empire Theater literature club and do and devote ourselves to writing from 1923 (Taisho 12). We did shi* to Kafu Nagai and we were affected by Edo culture and wrote a lot of genre novels in the times including "higashishusaishagaku" "kama" "Oden hell". Kojimachi elementary school graduation. Old school song of Kojimachi elementary school was word of Kunie. We live in Hirakawacho and lower 72, Nibancho (existing 3, Nibancho) before the war. Eldest daughter Kozue Kimura (1,926 -) expresses manners and customs as essayist in book "Tokyo hilly section old story" in the times of Bancho neighborhood at the time.