Good luck proprietor's oldest son [kouwakatayuu]

It is unknown on the straight year of a person's death
  • History & culture

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We are considered to be father of good luck young dance. Person who is in the first half of the Muromachi era. ◆With stage name of Naoaki Momonoi [momoinonaoakira], there was this name from childhood name good luck young circle. Hometown of Echizen country Nishida (existing Asahi-machi, Nyuu-gun, Fukui). Good luck young dance is one of the entertainments in the Middle Ages. The cause was Shinto ritual dance to dedicate to local Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine, but we advanced to Kyoto from the mid-15th century, and we were loved by military commanders. It became ceremonial noh dance of the Shogunate order in the Edo era and came to pay a congratulatory visit in Edo-jo Castle. The name of good luck proprietor's oldest son was assumed Master's name of as a successor by head master of a school, and, in the Kanei era year, mansion was in Asahicho.