Kihei Iida [we say and hold and can pass]

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Resident of Edo, Chiyo Tamura whom Iidacho was derived from.

Ieyasu Tokugawa who entered Edo as feudal lord in 1590 (the Tensho era 18) inspects Chiyo Tamura who was quiet agricultural area and the outskirts (the current Iidabashi outskirts), but guide of the verge is joy soldier of the Imperial Guard. It is such the guidance that we explained in detail about land, and Ieyasu who admired appoints joy soldier of the Imperial Guard to village headman, and it is said that we gave an order to do for joy soldier of the Imperial Guard to the name of land with Iidacho.

Because development of town of Edo became progress, samurai family place, official name of a street was not touched, but Iidacho was used as popular name afterwards.