Saburo Shimada [do still Saburo]

1852 through 1923
  • History & culture

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Newspaperman, politician of Meiji, the Taisho era period. We are born in the direct feudatory of a shogun Suzukis of Edo and become adopted child of member of Yokohama Mainichi Shimbun representative Toyohiro Shimada. We were attached by Yushima Seido Temple ◆We learn from Shoheiko [Shohei grows on] or Numazu naval academy and enter the Yokohama Mainichi Shimbun in 73. We became public employee at one time, but were driven away in political change of 1881 according to Shigenobu Okuma. We participate in ritsukenaratamesusumitoketsunari of Okuma and others. We are elected member of the House of Representatives in 90 and have been elected consecutively afterward. We played an active part in the issue of abolition of licensed prostitution, naval corruption, Siemens case, the issue of universal suffrage aiming at damage, foot tail copper mine case of mineral pollution, prevention of prostitution. Residence was in Yonbancho.