Michizane Sugawara [sugawaranomichizane]

845-903 years
  • History & culture

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Scholar, politician who is in the middle of the Heian era. After having become Chinese history and poetry teacher with family's social standing of scholar, we are trusted by the Emperor Uda, and we are selected as court official head from generation to generation to suppress Fujiwara. What we advised on cancellation of envoy to the Tang Dynasty is famous. When Tokihira Fujiwara became Minister of the Left for 899 years, the way truth was appointed the Minister of the Right, too, but we were relegated to administration office of Kyushu district vice-administrator at 901 years by flat no slander and sank with disappointment in Dazaifu. It was believed nationwide as Temma Tenjin by the spirit of a dead person faith said to that ghost of person who received false charge in coming ages cursed, and it was done veneration as God of literature, God of study. Originally the Edo inside of a castle became flat river Tenman-gu Shrine in Chiyoda-ku by the foundation by tadendo*, but, in 1607, was moved to current place.