3s Ennosuke Ichikawa [you do not get Ichikawa be not crowded]

1939 ...
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Kabuki actor. Tokyo birth. The real name is Masahiko Kinoshi. In grandchildren of nidaisarukorejo, it is the eldest son of 3s Danshiro Ichikawa.

We assume Master's name of the third generation as a successor in 1963 (38, Showa).

In 1968, we got popularity in midair feat since the first midair feat of "Yoshitsune 1,000 cherry tree" in national theater. In addition, we are good at revival presentation of a whole play, instant change of role and, from classic to super Kabuki, carry modern Kabuki world and energize. We win many prizes including recommendation of art Minister of Education Prize, Kan Kikuchi Prize, Yomiuri drama award excellence director Prize.

In 2000, we are presented with the Purple Ribbon Medal.