First Ennosuke Ichikawa [you do not get Ichikawa be not crowded]

1855 through 1922
  • History & culture

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Kabuki actor. Edo, Asakusa birth.
The real name ◆Joy auspicious decoration for gifts [we come and expand] tortoise Jiro. Child of sword fighting teacher, Santaro Bando. Name ◆Alisma Rhizome shop [whether important].

From 13s Ichimura Uzaemon, we turn in the gate of 7s Gonnosuke Kawarasaki (9s Danjurou Ichikawa) and we stage "mendicant book" without permission in 1874 (Meiji 7) and were expelled, but it is permitted in 1890 and gives first generation Ennosuke Ichikawa.

In 1910, we leave the name to matsurigototai of the eldest son and become 2s Danshiro Ichikawa. We showed natural gifts for dancing.