Ieyasu Tokugawa [tokugawaieyasu]

1542 through 1616 - Azuchimomoyama era
  • History & culture

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The Edo Shogunate first generation general. Child of Mikawa country Okazaki lord of a castle Hirotada Matsudaira.

fuhiromechu was under power of Yoshimoto Imagawa of Suruga and was opposed to Nobuhide Oda of Owari. At the age of Ieyasu 6 years old, we are taken hostage by Nobuhide Oda followed by Yoshimoto Imagawa. We return to Okazaki after Yoshimoto Imagawa death in battle and leave Imagawa afterward and make peace with succession, Nobunaga of Nobuhide Oda.

Ikko Mikawa riot happened in 1563, but they subjugated this, and Mikawa countries were unified by Ieyasu.

We attack fief of Imagawa by promise with Shingen Takeda in 1568 and obtain Totomi country. We change family name to Tokugawa from Matsudaira the other day.

We build castle in Hamamatsu in 1570 and move. We help Nobunaga and overwhelm association of Asai, Asakura by fight, war of Oomi Ane River. When we left Shingen before long and were allied with Kenshin Uesugi, Shingen often invaded feudal tenure of Ieyasu and was soundly beaten by war of Mikatagahara. Katsuyori Takeda who was succession of Shingen planned invasion to Mikawa, Totomi, but Ieyasu, the Nobunaga Allied Forces won a great victory by war of 1575 elder Shino. In this way, Ieyasu added Suruga to territory. We won at odds with Ujinao Hojo over possession of worth, Shinano and, after the death of Nobunaga, did the two countries with own thing.

To suppress Hideyoshi Toyotomi in 1584; child of Nobunaga ◆We nominate soldier using Nobuo [Nobukatsu] and fought in Komaki, Nagakute, but Ieyasu makes peace because Nobuo surrendered to Hideyoshi. We cooperate with the world unification of Hideyoshi afterward.

We destroy Hojo 1,590 years later and it is done ifu by the old territory and enters Edo-jo Castle. After the death of Hideyoshi, we defeat Mitsunari Ishida in Sekigahara in 1600 and remove all the opponents.

We are appointed commander-in-chief of an expeditionary force against the barbarians in 1603 and open the Edo Shogunate.

We handed over office of a shogun to Hidetada in 1605 and were called influential figure and we retired in shunfu, but we continued having real power and destroyed Toyotomi at camp in camp, summer in Osaka winter and we promulgated Code of the Samurai, laws for the Imperial Court and the court nobles and showed the world unification of Tokugawa to the world.

We died in Sunpu-jo Castle in 1616 and were buried in Mt. Kuno, but it was done reinterment on Nikko mountain in the next year.