Kanda Shinto shrine (Kanda Myojin)
 Kanda Shinto shrine (Kanda Myojin)
 Kanda Shinto shrine (Kanda Myojin)

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 We say only Kanda Myojin or merely Myojin and are got close to general public from the Edo era. Enshrined deity is large oneself command and shohikomeimei. Masakado Taira is enshrined together by main hall, too.
 We were informed with the (730) foundation in 730, and there was at first near Masakado mound of Otemachi. It was done with total local deity of Edo to (1603) Surugadai at time of (1616) 2s general Hidetada in shift, 1616 in 1603 and moved to the present location. We were rebuilt by main shrine where we painted with this lacquer on the epoch-making steel reinforced concrete construction for those days in 1934 and avoided war damage.
 It was got close to general public as Myojin of downtown area, and called Hie-jinja Shrine and festival of Kanda festival performed every other year with the world festival, and God good luck line entered Edo-jo Castle and sometimes received imperial inspection of general and was "flower of Edo" and sung festival.
 In old days, we can look from the precincts to the mountains of Awa, Kazusa and are said to have been place of play comfort and nap of carefree Edoites.
 There are wide Mishuku, Kotohira, Inari, Urayasu, Edo, large Temmacho Yakumo, small Funamachi Yakumo, god of water company in the precincts at basket father, end. In addition, thing reminding me of Chikaraishi who called himself/herself "monument of shape of a coin flat next" and "monument of hachigoro" and quite safe that are to live with novel under Kanda Myojin, the Edo era including iron large rain tub remains.
 Outside the gate, there was long-established store from the Edo era with ricemalt, miso, amazake, natto, and there was restaurant called Ise joy here, and dishes seemed to be reputation in Edo in old days again because delicious thing and view were good.

INFORMATION basics information

  • Address 2-16-2, Sotokanda
  • Phone number 03-3254-0753
  • Than Access Ochanomizu Station St. Hashiguchi a 5-minute walk
    From Akihabara Station Denkigai Exit a 7-minute walk
    From Suehirocho Station a 5-minute walk
Homepage https://www.kandamyoujin.or.jp/


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