Sanno steeper slope of the two [sannouotokozaka]

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It is slope going up 53 steps of stone stairways from torii of the front in Omotesando of Hie-jinja Shrine of 2, Nagata-cho.
Hie-jinja Shrine said with King Hiyoshiyama University honorific title of a Japanese god originally, and tadendo* did kansei in Edo-jo Castle from Kawagoe and worshiped as God of Edo local deity and has been done veneration as genius locus God of family to inherit the shogunate after Ieyasu Tokugawa did nyufu. However, the Keicho era was always (1604-1614) destroyed by fire by shift, big fire of 1657 outside Hanzo-mon with Edo-jo Castle reconstruction and was rebuilt in the present location in 1659. We suffered the war in the Pacific War again and revived in 1958 after time for ten years. "Star was said to be Oka", and Sanno plateau with Hie-jinja Shrine was picturesque place that faced reservoir.

INFORMATION basics information

  • Address 2, Nagata-cho
  • Access Kokkaigijidomae Station Exit 5 5-minute walk
    Tameike-Sanno Station Exit 7 3-minute walk

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