Miyake Hill [miyakezaka]

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It is slope going down Uchibori-dori St. from the Hanzo-mon outside to around the Metropolitan Police Department. Sakurada moat which there is along slope is known as the picturesque ground. Because there was daimyo's mansion of the Mikawa Tahara feudal lord Miyakes to the Supreme Court of the Hayabusacho fourth, it was called Miyake Hill. In addition, another name included "kashimokusaka" "honey locust slope", but tree of honey locust and tree of kashi seemed to be called by bank of a moat because they grew a lot thick. Characters are different, but 41 includes "saikachizaka".

INFORMATION basics information

  • Address Hayabusacho, 1, Nagata-cho, 2, Kasumigaseki
  • The Access Sakuradamon Station first, Exit 3 are immediate
    From Hanzomon Station Exit 1 a 3-minute walk
    From Nagatacho Station Exit 2 a 5-minute walk

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