Koishikawa Bridge

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It appears in the Kanda River, and there is to about 140m of Koraku Bridge of upper reaches. It is bridge leading to 1, Kouraku, Bunkyo-ku from 3, Iidabashi. We removed castle gate and, in place where there was small Ishikawa-mon Gate of the Edo era, built wooden bridge over 1872 (1872) newly again. There was Iidacho Station of kobutetsudo in (1895) near in 1895 and did well. In the same year, bridge increases repair, and it means that we prepared for increase of user. It was built over (1927) as steel bridge in 1927, but, for deterioration, we are repaired in 2012.

INFORMATION basics information

  • Address 3, Iidabashi - 1, Kouraku, Bunkyo-ku
  • From the Access Suidobashi Station west exit a 1-minute walk

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