Hirakawa Bridge

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It appears in inner moat and is wooden bridge of Monzen, Hirakawa entering East Gardens of the Imperial Palace at 1, Hitotsubashi. It was built over (1614) in 1614, but repair was often carried out afterwards at the start. Current bridge is 29.7m in length, 7.82m in width with beautiful wooden bridge (as for Taiwanese product made in hinoki, bridge pier and abutment pier as for stone, the leg figure steel frame) of figure made aratameka on March 31, 1988. The Hirakawa gate was the front gate of the Edo-jo Castle three-maru.

As we carried dead person, criminal, there was the name of court lady gate of a palace as it was side gate, the side gate of waiting maid. In addition, it was up Chengkou of field cheap Hitotsubashi, Lord Tokugawa three of Shimizu. The gate, square exists, too.

INFORMATION basics information

  • Address 1, Hitotsubashi - East Gardens of the Imperial Palace
  • From Access Takebashi Station 1a exit a 2-minute walk

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