The Shimizu gate bridge

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It appears in inner moat and is Dobashi entering Kitanomaru-koen Park at 1, Kudanminami. It was bridge of the Shimizu gate of Edo northern part of a castle circle. jikakudaishi said to be father of the Tendai sect main gate of a Buddhist temple group in the old days erects temple in the middle of in a downward direction in the bank of Hirakawa in Kanto, and it is said to be origin of the gate name to have named Kiyomizu-dera Temple. Square of the gate exists with Tsuchihashi, too. The gate is built in (1624) in 1624 and becomes country-designated important cultural property. In the south side of the Shimizu gate bridge, Shimizu moat, the north side are cow ke deep waters. We flattered, and there was mansion including station, sho of tea station and 1,000 princesses of Kasuga in early Edo northern part of a castle circle with samurai residence in the Edo era. kojuko of teenage general Ieharu Tokugawa founded one of the Lord Tokugawa kitchen work Shimizu family in inside the gate in (1758) in 1758.

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  • Address 1, Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku - Kitanomaru-koen Park
  • From Access Kudanshita Station Exit 4 a 3-minute walk

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