Sakurada-mon Gate bridge

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It is Dobashi entering Sakurada-mon Gate at road in front of the Metropolitan Police Department at 2, Kasumigaseki. In the east side of bridge, Sakurada moat, the west are triumphant return moats. Sakurada-mon Gate is also called outside Sakurada-mon Gate. That is name that we compare in inner Sakurada-mon Gate (the bellflower gate). Origin of the gate name depends on this neighborhood having been called Sakurada-go for a long time. In the days of Ieyasu Tokugawa entry, it is said that there was Okidomon here. We repaired stone wall, moat in (1611) in 1611, and the square gate was built in (1620) in 1620. Incident that Shogunate chief ministry Naosuke Ii of time was taken on (1860) March 3 in 1860 out of Sakurada-mon Gate is famous.

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  • Address 2, Kasumigaseki - Kokyogaien
  • Access Sakuradamon Station Exit 3 is immediate

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