The front of a riding ground gate bridge

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It appears in inner moat and is Dobashi knowing the Imperial Palace front from during Marunouchi 2.3 chome. The front of a riding ground gate was made in (1629) in 1629 by first feudal lord Nagaakira Asano and others of Hiroshima feudal clan. General Sandai Iemitsu Tokugawa was Baba of inside the gate, and because we made an imperial inspection, the name of Korea riding ground was born, and, as for the origin of the gate name, the name of front of a riding ground was added to doing equestrian acrobatics of Korea mission. In the north side of bridge, front of a riding ground moat, the south side are Hibiya moats. As lantern march of Russo-Japanese War victory was blocked by this gate, and it was resulted in a large number of casualties, square was removed in (1906) in 1906. Only a part of the stone wall is left now.

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  • Address 1, Koukyogaien, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
  • Access Niju-bashi Bridge Station Exit 2 is immediate
    Hibiya Station Exit B6 is immediate

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