The bellflower gate bridge

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It appears between bellflower moat and clam moat of inner moat and is Dobashi to be connected with in front of the Imperial Guard Headquarters in East Gardens of the Imperial Palace from Kokyogaien. The bellflower gate was made in 1614 by (1614). When there was ship at anchor bower near here first in the times of tadendo* which built Edo-jo Castle, we are informed origin of the gate name and are said to be when touched by bellflower crest of family coat of arms of do*. Another name includes "inner Sakurada-mon Gate bridge".

INFORMATION basics information

  • Address Kokyogaien - East Gardens of the Imperial Palace
  • From Access Niju-bashi Bridge Station Exit 6 a 2-minute walk
    From Otemachi Station Exit D2 a 2-minute walk

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