Niju-bashi Bridge

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It appears in inner moat (Niju-bashi Bridge moat) and is bridge which enters Imperial Palace palace after crossing stone bridge. As position of bridge was high, we made log of base below in the Edo era and we repeated bridges and built over the top. From this, the name of Niju-bashi Bridge happened. We are changed to iron bridge in (1888) in 1888 and it is done (1964) aratameka in 1964 and continues up to the present day. Another name includes "Tsukimi Bridge" "two bridges".

INFORMATION basics information

  • Address Imperial Palace
  • From Access Sakuradamon Station Exit 3 a 2-minute walk
    From Hibiya Station Exit B6 a 3-minute walk
    From Niju-bashi Bridge Station Exit 2 a 3-minute walk

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