The middle sparrow gate

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When we enter at the Nakano gate and go ahead through in front of large guard station to the left, there is slope to climb while seeing stone wall loaded with in the front large building stones. With plateau where low land and main enclosure which originally spread on the Edo-jo Castle east side are located in this slope when finish climbing this on drawing a boundary, there is the sparrow gate in the main enclosure front gate. When Honmaru palace was burnt by fire of (1863) in 1863, this gate catches a fire, and the surface of stone wall crumbles by heat. It was now in extensive open space, but Honmaru palace very large here once spread when we passed through the middle sparrow gate. Part that two zelkovas rise like gatepost almost hits the front entrance of palace now.

INFORMATION basics information

  • The Address East Gardens of the Imperial Palace
  • Access Tokyo Metro Otemachi Station



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