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Extensive lawn spreads to Edo-jo Castle main enclosure trace. Honmaru palace consisted of three of table, inner halls of a palace, inner palace. The State Chamber was public building including place of work of government officials and audience of general, and the most prestigious "large hall" was place where daimyos gathered for New Year holidays.

Just after the Meiji Restoration, main enclosure trace had the times of vegetable garden and Kuwahata after World War II in burnt field, too.
It was the meteorological observatory birthplace, and main enclosure trace was in official dwelling of the Meteorological Agency from the Meiji period to the 30, Showa generation. It was got close to citizen of Tokyo prefecture by nickname of "Don" until gohodai (Don) was installed here to inform time when (1871) was exact in 1871 and was abolished in (1929) in 1929.

INFORMATION basics information

  • The Address East Gardens of the Imperial Palace
  • Access Tokyo Metro Takebashi Station, Otemachi Station

Entrance is limited now as Harvest Festival after an Emperor's enthronement shrine falsework is carried out.
The situation of construction, please identify homepage of Imperial Household Agency.


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