One and Tokyo of star
 One and Tokyo of star
 One and Tokyo of star

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One and Tokyo of star are "Japanese inns of tower" which adopted factor of inn in vertical space 2 stories under ground and 17 stories above ground.
Lounge is on each guest room floor between six guest rooms and tea of joint ownership space, and each floor is made with image of small Japan inn of one.
We prepare between the sky of relaxation to have you enjoy conduct of room etiquette and the staff of facility, Japanese culture itself including behavior as modern inn which evolved which is not garden and traditional specifications of one-storied house wooden construction.

INFORMATION basics information

  • Address Otemachi 1-9-1
  • From Access Tokyo Sta. Marunouchi north exit exit a 10-minute walk
    From Tokyo Metro Otemachi Station A1, C2c basement exit a 2-minute walk
Phone number 0570-073-066 (one of star and general reservation)

When we go ahead through grove of the door and we pass through tree of big Aomori hiba door more than 300 years years old and enter inside, we catch sight of room etiquette of bench which expressed compendium of seasonal words.
We follow tradition of the traditional sum in one and Tokyo of star and we take off shoes at the entrance and rise. There are many tatami mat and Japanese paper, material of nature such as closet of bamboo material, and the hall almost uses in connection, guest room in tatami mat.

#The most standard guest room "cherry tree" is Japanese-style room that closet of bamboo material and shoji which is drum-clad are characterized by.
Linen leafstalk of the appearance projects on slow time noutsuroio shoji.
"Futon bed" of feeling in bed such as "tatami mat sofa" and futon which add and space of tatami mat, and were designed is provided for guest room which gives modern impression while valuing traditional architecture.

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  • We can come and go freely from guest room which is available only to hotel guests of each guest room floor in a series of tatami mats between "tea in the lounge" and are space that can relax freely like home living room. It is place of pleasure of home life between customers present while traveling.
    We provide rice ball which we tied up with signature rice of rice granary and relaxation that we put together in time including seasonal cake in miso soup, the afternoon in the morning.


  • In dining in the first floor under the ground, you can enjoy course dishes "Nippon cuisine" of new style as dinner menu. We draw taste of material using reliable technique and delicate sensitivity that chef de cuisine, Osayuki Hamada has that improved their skill in ingredients created from Japanese rich climate and the world of French cuisine.
    We use fish which supported food culture in Japan to one dish of one dish of course abundantly, and fish and recipe that have been used only in the area pay more attention to crying fish which was not recognized by the world without appearing in market and use for dishes without waste to bone and Gullah.
    You can enjoy wine and pairing of sake that you put together to each dish.
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On one of star and the 17th floor of Tokyo of the top floor, there are family bath and open-air bath where you drew hot water of natural hot spring "Otemachi hot spring" springing out into from 1,500m below ground and it soaks in hot water leisurely while being in the downtown area and can be relaxed. In open-air bath, we feel wind and sound to be able to pull lattice, and it is felt noutsuroio in season by appearance of empty hue and cloud in point of high ceiling.

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