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Specialty store of hail or feeling.
We do not do store opening to others for the principle of one store.
Canned assortment for gift has a lot of from 2,000 yen. 
To customer of visit, we assort favorite thing from 50-60 kinds of products.

INFORMATION basics information

  • Address 4-1-5, Kudankita
  • Phone number 03-3265-8601
  • Business hours from 9:30 to 19:00 (on Saturday until 17:00)
Regular holiday

Sundays and holidays


  • Thing which assorted more than ten kinds of hail of Sakaguchi, 
    We call by whistling, and flavor is "small cubic rice cracker". 
    As sweetness, sesame, prawns, vinegared rice rolled in dried laver and various taste are cut down, 
    Please have from favorite thing. 
    To person saying that we are weak in sweetness, "hot with Kaki no tane without sweetness prepares, too".

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  • Taste of Sakaguchi     Canned assorted two kinds

    "We spread representative two kinds of Sakaguchi in small hail, Kyoto" and did to assorted with canned o.


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