Jinbocho, Ochanomizu Surround bamboo grass, and pull; the home office

 Surround bamboo grass, and pull; the home office
 Surround bamboo grass, and pull; the home office

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Founding 1702. Taste same than the Edo era by the skill kept to seasonal foods by feelings, tradition as for the color gorgeously.
We endure preservation for a long time, and Sasamaki bamboo leaf-wrapped sushi holds flavor in the middle of summer. To present of wedding ceremony, souvenir to home, attendant of trip, please use by various uses.

※Because number is limited, we recommend that you make a reservation over telephone if possible.

INFORMATION basics information

  • Address 2-12, Kandaogawamachi Udagawa Building 1F
  • Phone number 03-3291-2570
  • Business hours 9:00~19:00
  • Access Toei Shinjuku Line [Ogawamachi Station] 3-minute walk
    Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line [Awajicho Station] 5-minute walk
    Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line [Shin-Ochanomizu Station] 5-minute walk
    JR Chuo Line, Sobu Line [Ochanomizu Station] 6-minute walk
    It is 137m from Ogawamachi Station
Regular holiday Sundays and holidays (please confirm on the telephone)

Is it Sasamaki zushitoha? 
It was sushi which we wound up with bamboo grass according to the Sasamaki zushiha name, but, anyway, used a lot running out of "kotoga size and salt and vinegar which" could add as there was not refrigerator in old days. Both salt and vinegar become modest all the time today as refrigerators spread, and taste of customer changed.

Seed and sushi meal
Sea bream is vague, and white-fleshed fish is different from glistening-skinned fish in seven colors of causes with egg, paste, glistening-skinned fish, white-fleshed fish by season.
Glistening-skinned fish becomes the master of hakohadaga in winter in spring from taste, sayori, autumn in hasawara, summer. White-fleshed fish is blue dai, warasa, kampachi, spring short period, but abalone, adductor muscle use thing which boiled Japanese icefish with mirin and sugar, vinegar again, too.
What we seem to provide tenacity like rice dumpling covered with bean jam and make features sushi meal to let the date last. Both salt and vinegar are digested and they are familiar with fragrance of bamboo grass and can have one after around three hours pass after making deliciously.


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  • It is shop for taste same than the Edo era, but

    There is eat-in space in shop, too, and, in the case of call rise in shop, there are seafood soup seasoned with salt and tea. Of tradition to be able to taste only here "surround bamboo grass, and pull, and please appreciate sushi".

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