Akihabara, Kanda Bamboo irregularity

 Bamboo irregularity

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It is founded in 1930.
Because Kanda did not have authentic shiruko shop in those days,
We practiced medicine for the making of shiruko shop like shiruko shop.
Using homemade bean jam which assumed Shozu, Hokkaido raw materials, we continue keeping traditional taste.

Deep-fried steamed bun, foxtail millet zenzaiga are popular in winter in the summer from Anmitsu, ice shiruko, autumn from spring.

[Chiyoda-ku scenery town development important article]
(1930) is completed in 1930 and is founded. Long-established store of sweetness known as writer Shotaro Ikenami having gone.
"Yabu soba which got caught" "shirr source" with "pine" or "peony"
It remains unburned from war damage miraculously and has traditional flavor in Renjakucho and this said area.
Bamboo and plum design are carved with gable-and-hip roof style on the second-floor railing, and wooden lantern is lowered under the eaves.
Four levels show the appearance with roof and eaves.
It is sweets shop in precious building appointed in Tokyo choice landmark architecture.

INFORMATION basics information

  • Address 1-19, Kandasudacho
  • Phone number 03-3251-2328
  • Business hours from Tuesday to Saturday: 11:00-20:00
    LO: 19:40
  • Access Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line [Awajicho Station] 3-minute walk
    Toei Shinjuku Line [Ogawamachi Station] 4-minute walk
    Tokyo Metro Ginza Line [Kanda Station] 4-minute walk
    JR Chuo Line others [Kanda Station] north exit/east exit 8-minute walk
    It is 223m from Awajicho Station
Regular holiday Sunday Sunday and Monday Sundays and holidays



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