Jinbocho, Ochanomizu Shino Kanda multi-sushi

 Shino Kanda multi-sushi
 Shino Kanda multi-sushi
 Shino Kanda multi-sushi

We check the highlight in Chiyoda City Tourism Association formula SNS!

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Atmosphere that sales floor on the first floor is gorgeous. We can taste the first-floor restaurant dehashinodaya Osaka-zushi (oshi-zushi) under the ground, too. We prepare for counter and seat at a table.

INFORMATION basics information

  • Address 2-2, Kandaawajicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
  • Phone number 03-3255-2525
  • Business hours 7:30-18:00

    ◯The first-floor eat-in under the ground from 11:00
    ◯Osaka-zushi and food formed by wrapping and twisting of the tea cloth into a bag shape sushi are sold from around 9:30
  • Access subway "Awajicho Station" 1-minute walk
    It is 108m from Awajicho Station
Regular holiday On Tuesday (in the case of holiday, we change)
Homepage http://www.kanda-shinodasushi.co.jp/frame.htm


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  • It is photograph at the time of the Shino Kanda multi-sushi opening of business.
    Box cart as a substitute for car ran around in the Tokyo city and delivered taste in regular customer. It is 1902 (Meiji 35) when there was person pushing the back of cart in Kudan slope.
    Sweetness was mellower than those days and did, and it was reputation, and vinegared rice rolled in dried laver using Inari-zushi with "body" and Kanpyo stewed slowly and carefully invited today. This is very grateful entirely with tamamono of favor of customer, too. Furthermore, we pray God when we want to find depth of taste.
  • We prepared seat to have the head office basement have Shino multi-sushi, Osaka-zushi. We come to the store and are waiting.
    It may become the end as soon as materials disappear.
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