Fujimi becoming known to the public

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There are "Tamon storage wall in front of the rest station" and chopped ishihyo in thick forest when it goes up tea plantation in the west of main enclosure. Rest station is personal living room of general in main enclosure inner halls of a palace, and, in the inner halls of a palace, general does state affairs and is place doing everyday life.
Becoming known to the public is arsenal made with tenement house which served as defense and decoration, and there was 15 god of treasure in main enclosure, but it is only this Fujimi becoming known to the public that remains now. Gun and bow and arrow were put among them.
Stone walls from Hasuike moat to Fujimi Tamon storage wall are tall and stout stone walls that height becomes about 20 meters, and the third page of the east, the south, the west is refracted all intensely. When we attack enemy who takes as stone wall bottom and stone wall rampart, and arrived, we are said to be invention to lose blind spot.

The inside of Fujimi becoming known to the public is available to the public now.

INFORMATION basics information

  • The Address East Gardens of the Imperial Palace
  • Access Tokyo Metro Takebashi Station, Otemachi Station

Entrance is limited now as Harvest Festival after an Emperor's enthronement shrine falsework is carried out.
The situation of construction, please identify homepage of Imperial Household Agency.


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