Kojimachi, Hanzo-mon, Nagatacho Purely Indian dishes Ajanta 

 Purely Indian dishes Ajanta 
 Purely Indian dishes Ajanta 
 Purely Indian dishes Ajanta 

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It is January 1, 1940 that founder Djaja muruti visited Japan from south India Bangalore. Djaja committed the third, electrical engineering university of Bangalore of five brothers as electronics technician after the graduation in Bangalore. Rama muruti of the oldest brother visits Japan to attend universal religion meeting as secretary to Nepalese king in 1932 (Showa 7) and falls in love with Japan at first sight. At that time, we get to know English Japanese Yoko Sakai whom we interpreted. Did you fall in love with Yoko Sakai who got married later at first sight whether you fell in love with Japan at first sight? We return home, but come back to Japan immediately once. And Rama raises trading company and marries her. And we let Djaja of younger brother study in Tokyo Institute of Technology. We fall in love, and Djaja marries younger sister of sister-in-law. One day Djaja obtains one chicken. We treat older brother and his wife and wife to chicken curry of Indian house. sujata is shocked by taste that taste of chicken is connected with spice without having eaten so far. We wanted everybody to eat this chicken curry and opened shop. Chicken curry of Ajanta is created from here.

INFORMATION basics information

  • Address 3-11, Nibancho
  • Phone number 03-3264-6955
  • Business hours from Monday to Saturday 10:00 - 23:00 L.O
    Sunday 10:00 - 22:00 L.O
    Year round (as for the lunchtime until 16:00)
  • Access "Kojimachi Station" Exit 5
Regular holiday Year round
Homepage http://www.ajanta.com/


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  • Authentic taste that we do not arrange for Japanese
    "Anyway, we want Japanese customer to taste pure dishes of hometown south India." It was thought of Djaja. Therefore we do not arrange for Japanese. It was supported to date from the 30, Showa generation when there was not Eat boom yet by customer of many repeaters. Customer of wide age group uses dishes of Ajanta which does not change since the opening time.
  • Tradition of taste inherited strictly
    Recipe of Ajanta is inherited without changing for 50 several years. For example, arrangement was not permitted by first rank restaurant of India when we invited chef either. You seem to be able to be pleased saying it is saying "it is taste of then when we ate for the first time" and continue still protecting taste of Ajanta remaining in memory from customer who came after an interval of several years.
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  • We talk about Djaja wife, sujata. "It is what we choose correct spice as materials and pull that we keep on protecting through taste of person of muruti and use. It is “ sharp taste, saltiness, acidity that husband told me. Also mixing love "this and others of a lot of arms well" Deep taste of each subject matter given rich fragrance and stimulation of spice. It is taste that Ajanta continues protecting. And we think that we spend trouble time and can tell taste with all love to customer.

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