Kokyogaien Kusuki tea shop
 Kokyogaien Kusuki tea shop

We check the highlight in Chiyoda City Tourism Association formula SNS!

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It rises in Kuromatsu forest which is symbol of Kokyogaien and very large green lawn
Stand which is adjacent to mounting a horse statue of Masashige Kusunoki.
Gold leaf software which is collaboration product with Kanazawa Hakuichi is popularity as we line up from morning.
Above all, there is one meal of value in the U.S. ricemalt sugared water-flavored software only for here in Japan.

INFORMATION basics information

  • Address 1-1, Kokyogaien
  • Business hours 8:30-16:00 
  • It is a 3-minute walk from Access Chiyoda Line Nijubashimae Station Exit B6
Regular holiday None
Homepage http://fng.or.jp/koukyo/


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