Nanko stand
 Nanko stand
 Nanko stand

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We enter in the south side entrance of Nanko rest house, and stand is on the right side. Also, Imperial Palace visit souvenir and Japanese traditional craft have a lot of deep sake of connection and products including Japanese confectionery in Imperial Palace. Payment by electronic money and credit card is OK, too. In addition, please refer as you have delivery service to each places of the whole country.

INFORMATION basics information

  • Address 1-1, Kokyogaien
  • Phone number 03-3211-1056
  • Business hours 8:30-16:00 
  • It is a 3-minute walk from Access Chiyoda Line Nijubashimae Station Exit B6
Regular holiday None
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  • Kokyogaien dorayaki
    "Kokyogaien dorayaki" and "Kokyogaien kintsuba" which are here Kokyogaien original product. Popular dorayaki fully put smooth bean jam which we made with adzuki bean from Tokachi, Hokkaido to shittorino cloth light as one of the Japanese confectioneries on behalf of Japan, and firing set design of chrysanthemum to cloth. You can enjoy refined sweetness.
  • Kokyogaien kintsuba
    kintsubaha, the feel of adzuki bean which we did well enjoy, and reserve emeno sweetness is slightly good to tea cake.
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  • Sake
    We have a lot of rare sake including "Niju-bashi Bridge" of well-established brewing Toshimaya of Tokyo series including "kosen" and "ko**" of Ota brewing production that is pattern after tadendo*.

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